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What Are The Types of a Phone ? Check Which You Have !

The history of mobile in the world is very interesting. Because today life cannot be imagined without it. Therefore, an attempt is made to give a little information about mobile in this news. Know What are the Different Types of Phone in This Post.

Millions of people have mobile phones today. According to statista.com, a reputed website that holds all kinds of statistics, in 2020, about 69 crore people had a smartphone. Some may have one mobile, while some may also have 3-4 mobiles. But have you ever thought that what is the mobile you are using? Because there are three types of mobiles and all three have their own specialty. That’s why we are telling you its complete details. So that you know so much that which mobile is in your hand.

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Types of Phone : There are three types of mobile phones

There are three types of mobile phones. The first is the cell phone. The second is the feature phone and the third is the smartphone, which is most in trend nowadays. All the companies around the world are making phones of this segment right now.

Cell phone: When the first mobile was launched, it was called a cell phone. Cell phones could only do so much work that a person could make and receive calls. With this, he can send messages and read messages sent by others. At that time they used to be very expensive. In the year 1973, the first cell phone was introduced by the Motorola company and its weight was about two kilos. However, the world’s first phone that became available for sale was the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X.

Feature phone: Technology changed and new companies started making phones. However, Nokia and Motorola were the two early names that entered the business. The phones made with new technology were called feature phones. In this phone, people were also given the facility to watch mp3 songs and mp4 videos along with phone calls and messages. Some video games also came in feature phones. Many of you probably remember, in the early Nokia phones, there was a snake game in the phone. They were all feature phones. However, companies continued to make changes in feature phones gradually and later Bluetooth was also introduced in them.

Smartphone: The phone which has the facility of internet, camera, bluetooth, storage, apps, download etc. is a smartphone. But despite this, many people still use feature phones in the country. If you have seen Chellam sir in Family Man 2, then he is also seen using a feature phone. Because due to lack of internet it is very difficult to track it. According to media reports, Taiwanese company HTC launched India’s first smartphone in June 2009. Its price was around 30 thousand rupees. Early smartphones used to run on the Android platform, which still comes in the best selling category.

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