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Top 5 Best Free Screen Recorders For Window Computer in 2021

You can easily find many free and good Android apps for recording mobile screens. But if you want to record the screen of a computer or laptop. So you will not get screen recorder software of good quality easily. This is the biggest dilemma question. In this article, we see the Top 5 Best Free Screen Recorders For Window Computer in 2021. But here I am telling you about some such Computer Screen Recorder Software. Which both Free and Paid come with features.

Some of these software are also like this. In which you will not see any (watermark) logo of the software in your video. That is, you can easily use these software for free. And in your Screen Record video, the name of these software will not appear anywhere. So read this blog carefully and you will definitely get a PC screen recorder for your work.

First of all, let us know why a screen recorder is needed. Screen recorder is such a necessity in today’s time. That we make a lot of tutorial computer or laptop screen Record kar. Which needs to record the entire screen to be shown. Another option nowadays is live streaming games. A screen recorder is also required to record the game. Nowadays, many Computer Screen Recorder come with HD recording quality.

In this entire article, you will learn and learn what screen recorder software is. What kind of screen recorder software is needed? Why is a desktop and online screen recorder needed? What are 5 more popular Free Screen Recorder software?

What is the difference between a desktop screen recorder & an online screen recorder?

Like if you are recording a computer screen. So you do not need very good internet. You can record computer screen even without internet. But if you are playing a live game, and are streaming live. And now if you have to record your computer screen. So for that you will need a good internet connection. This is the difference between the two.

What is a good screen recorder?

Friends, a good screen recorder is that. Which is very easy to use. And along with your entire screen, you have an option to select screen recording of the percutaneous area, in addition to running the screen recording process without any time limit. It also has good features, a good screen recorder is one that records the sound of the system or device as well as microphone audio.

Along with this, whatever video or footage is being recorded. It should use a very good graphic. It is also very good to have an HD video Screen Record option in a good screen recorder.

Top 5 Best Free Screen Recorders For Window Computer in 2021 :-

Apowersoft Unlimited

It is the Best Free Screen Recorders, Apowersoft Unlimited This is a very professional screen recorder. Yeh screen recorder software can record screen of Android, Apple iOS and Window computer. Wireless Cast can be used in Apowersoft Unlimited Screen Recorder, your device in your PC and computer. It also has the capability to record the voice of the microphone and the system.

This screen recorder also comes with a lot of advanced features. Here you can do multiple recording mode, custom area, computer screen recording with full screen. However this screen recorder does not come free. This Paid version is available only. For this, you have to pay some money. And you can subscribe to it the most in a year.

This screen recorder supports Android, Windows, iOS and Mac OS. The best thing about this screen recorder is that, it is available in the mobile as well as the desktop version. Price- Only Paid, Supported OS- iOS, Android, Windows & Mac, Suitable for Mobile & Laptop Screen Recorder.


Screencast-O-Matic is an online screen recorder. Also here you get Video Editor Features Bhi. So that you can also edit a video by recording a screen. However, you will not be able to record full HD video and HD video here. SD screen recording is possible here. But even with this screen recording, your video quality is very good.

The best thing about this screen recorder is that, here you can also add Zooming and video files. The best part is, this software is free and available in Paid Version. However, in its free version, you will see very limited feature. Yeh Screen Recorder supports Windows, Mac, Chromebook & iOS.

With this you can record the mobile and computer screen. Software is available for both types of devices. Price- Free & Paid, Supported OS- iOS, Windows, Chromebook & Mac, Suitable for Professional Live Streaming, YouTube & Live

OBS Studio

OBS or Open Broadcaster software is a very good screen recorder software. Which is absolutely free. You can make it high definition and very long videos. There are many good features in this screen recorder. Like you can record the whole screen. With this, if you want to select any part of the screen, you can record it as well.

Here you are given many settings options & features to customize. Here, along with the system sound, microphone audio is also recorded. You can use OBS Studio to record computer screen, live streaming and live chatting. It is one of the best screen recorders to record in a very easy way. In this Free Screen Recorder se recorded video, no logo of the company (Watermark) appears. Which is considered a very good thing in a free screen recorder software.

With the help of this software, you can record the screen of computer through live YouTube, YouTube gaming and many other ways. However, it is complete and works with Windows, Linux & Mac operating systems as well. Price-Free, Supported OS-Linux, Windows & Mac, Suitable for Professional Live Streaming, YouTube & Live


ShareX (ShareX) screen recorder is considered quite good. And it is a kind of open source screen recorder software. Which can be used to record the screen of any personal computer. The best thing is, this screen recorder does not have any water mark in your video and no recording duration limit is given here. Here you get many features during screen recording.

Here you can also convert your video into a GIF file. The best thing is, if you record any project with this screen recorder. So you can easily share it anywhere. Or upload to any online media platform. Like you can upload this video on YouTube too. This screen recorder also has a photo editing setting. So that you will be able to edit your photo easily.

With this screen recorder you will be able to record the screen of the computer. It is completely free open source software. Which comes with a lot of advanced features. This software supports both Linux & Windows OS. The best thing is that most users of Linux are Use Karte to screen recorder. Price-Free, Supported OS- Linux & Windows OS, Sitable for Linux Computer Screen Recording


AceThinker is an Internet Best Desktop Screen Recorder. Which you can use easily. However, there will be a requirement of internet in your computer to record this se Screen. You cannot install it in your computer. Because you can record it through the website itself. With the screen recorder, you can easily record the entire screen of the computer, half the screen, even a small area.

This recording can record computer audio and mic audio. However, there are many features that you can use more easily. After screen recording here, you can upload your project i.e. video on Dropbox, Google Drive and YouTube. You will get a lot more features in Paid Version. If you use its free version. So there you have to compromise with some lesser features.

AceThinker Screen Recorder supports Windows & Mac operating systems. The best thing is, screen recorder is used to record live stock trading. Price- Free & Paid, Supported OS- Windows & Mac, Suitable for Screen Recording of Stock Trends

These were the best free and Paid computer screen recorders ever. With these screen recorders you can record the screen of laptop, smartphone or any gadgets. Here are different types of free screen recorders. Which is Coffee Stable on different devices.

Hope you have liked it very much to know about all these screen recorders. Here some screen recorder is free. In which you do not get to see the water mark at all. Some screen recorders have Paid Version. Here you can select any screen recorder according to your need. You can easily download all screen recorders from the Internet. And install it on your computer device. If you have any question or you like this post. So do tell us by commenting, we will be very happy.

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