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Is Hacking Of Your Account Without Your Permission Is Possible ?

Hacking is Widely Spreading these days, many peoples are facing hacking attacks, but sometimes a question comes that hacking your account without permission is possible or not?

In this Article, I’ll Tell You The Answer,

It is not possible at 97%, but he can hack even without your permission if the hacker is very pro.

You only responsible for your account, you even don’t know how you are giving your account information to the hacker. Sometimes when you install a non-popular or even popular application, it asks for your contact, message, gallery reading permissions, and you, with your naked eyes, click the allow button.

Still, you don’t know the disadvantage of allowing these permissions. All your credentials are stored on the web. It is not illegal because you only downloaded the non-popular application, and you only allow the permissions.

I am not saying that a non-popular application is not secure or it takes your data, but these applications have low-level security levels at their backend server, so even a beginner hacker can take their data of the user from the server.

So the basic thing you need to do is that don’t allow your any details until it requires a lot. If you allow, then it’s your responsibility with your account,

Sometimes you visit many sites and give your same g-mail id on different sites, and this is the golden key for a hacker to hack you without your permission, because a hacker can track your g-mail id and with the help of google drive he can access your most valuable documents or accounts credentials, so it’s better for you to use different passwords on different sites.

You Just Follow These Simple Steps to Prevent you From Hacking Attacks:-

  1. Install an Antivirus in your phone (Install only Popular One)
  2. Please don’t Give any Permission until it requires a lot !
  3. Try to Not Install any application outside play store/AppStore
  4. Don’t Share Your G-Mail ID With any random person
  5. Use Different passwords on different sites
  6. Always on two-step authentication on your accounts like Facebook/Google/ etc.

If You want to Know How to on Two-Step Authentication on your accounts, then just comment. I’ll Write an Article on it.

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