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How to Use Developer Mode in Android ?

Using Developer Mode in Android is Very Easy You Can Enable it in 4 Basic Steps, But the Main Point is What we can do woth developewr mode ?

Let’s First discuss How to Enable Developer Mode in Android :-

  1. Open Setting
  2. Scroll at the End Of Setting
  3. You See a Option “About Phone” Click on it
Developer Mode

4. Then Click on Version Option

Developer Mode

5. Click on “Build No,” Option

Developer Mode

6. You Have to Click “Build No.” Option 4-5 Times

Developer Mode

7. After That you see a Message that “you are now developer”

Developer Mode

8. Then Again Open Setting

9. Click on “Additional Settings” you Can Search in Setting

Developer Mode

10. Then You Able to see “Developer Option”

Developer Mode

Now Let’s Talk About What We Can Do With Developer Option ?

  1. Enable USB debugging. This is supposed to be the most common reason for enabling the developer mode.
  2. Set fake GPS locations. It may require an app to do so.
  3. Set a password for backup files.
  4. Tweak animations. This is awesome. You no longer need to wait for the animation when shifting between several apps.
  5. Stop App activities when you are not using it.
  6. Enable FXAA For OpenGL Games. Your 3D game would be more smooth and fluent.

If you Wanna Know How We Can Use these 6 Interesting then Don’t Forgot to comment I’ll make a New Article on it.



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