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Empowering Technology

“Empowering technology” means that innovation is increasingly accessible to ordinary people with limited resources. As powerful technologies become more affordable and accessible, and people worldwide become more connected. Ordinary people are empowered to participate in the process of innovation and collaborate to share the fruits of innovation. This briefing explains the empowerment of technology and focuses on how authorization can challenge US national security. In recent years, US defense research has declined as part of global innovation. With the empowerment of technology, US defense research’s role is likely to diminish further, while technology’s empowerment will continue to accelerate innovation. US national security agencies will need to adopt several technology empowerment tools to avoid potential technology threats to US national security.

Importance of Empowering Technology

Empowerment technology is essential because it acts as a means of communication. As the years go by, many gadgets and other devices have improved their use. Previously, a cellular phone was only used for texting, calling, and playing simple games. Due to the virtuality of technology or the way systems are changed or developed, a cellular phone is no longer just for texting, calling, and playing simple games.

It is now used to communicate with people from other places through the Internet and applications or software such as Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Viber, kokako, etc., that each of us uses regularly. Without these applications or software, we can’t communicate with people who are far away from us every day. Because we all know empowerment technology, communicating with other people who live far away from us will no longer be a problem. Friendships that have been broken by distance have now been rebuilt using empowering technology.

Here are some types of Empowering Technology

E-tech is often associated with the use of various technologies such as,

  • Mobile phones
  • Telephones
  • Moreover, computers and other devices such as detection, protection, communication, and notification. Empowerment technology is essential for its everyday use.

Benefits of Empowering Technology

Empowering technology is always evolving, and new software is continually emerging to solve problems and inefficiencies. Yet companies may not be aware of it. Business leaders can sometimes be overwhelmed by a lot of change. They often want to keep up with current technology and practice rather than rocking the boat.

1-Speed, ability, and agility

Any new office technology’s goal is to speed up the workflow process by providing the ultimate resources to your employees – more time to focus on this critical task. Businesses outperform their competitors by responding to data, adapting to changes, and making informed decisions faster – new technologies and analytics provide them with the tools to do so. Your business cannot afford to grow at the pace of 1998 or 1998 alone.


Another benefit of the new technology is that it allows companies to automate functions that previously required employees. Therefore, tasks such as data entry and analytics, book capping, and contact management can be made partially or entirely automated. Thus, allowing business people to work more efficiently without the risk of human error.


One reason for this is that computers replaced typewriters, e-mails took over paper mails and faxes, and slacks replaced (some) e-mails. Communication is king. Companies are continually looking to improve and accelerate communication, and new technologies are created with this new need in mind.


Consequently, empowering technology is an excellent idea for students like me to learn, understand, and socialize better. Technology is straightforward to use, and you get information faster. It is very applicable in education. As a student, I learn better-using technology, and empowering technology teaches us how to use technology, giving us information on how to be more responsible in using it for good intentions. It is through education. I have learned a lot about empowerment technology that helps us understand more about ICT or information communication technology.

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