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DreamCloud Memory Foam Mattress


  • All-foam design is ideal for medium to petite individuals

  • Great for those who want a true memory foam feel

  • Firm profile makes it ideal for strict back and stomach sleepers

  • Should sleep temperature-neutral

Don’t like

  • Heavier people may want a more supportive coil option

  • Not ideal for side or combo sleepers looking for something soft

  • Might not be best for those who want a neutral-feeling bed

If you’re looking for a nice bed, but you’re on a budget, the flagship DreamCloud might be one of your best options. It’s a more luxurious mattress that has an accommodating feel and firmness level. Since the queen size is usually available for well below $1,000, it’s easy to see why so many sleepers enjoy it.

For years, the DreamCloud mattress was offered only as a hybrid bed, forcing fans of all-foam mattresses to look elsewhere. However, the brand recently put out all-foam versions of its three beds, offering a choice between two different constructions. With that design change comes a few more considerations. In this review, I’ll go over everything you should know about this new bed, including who it will work best for.

Video: DreamCloud Memory Foam mattress review

Watch CNET mattress expert JD Christison review the DreamCloud all-foam mattress.

First impressions

DreamCloud All-Foam (Front View)

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Like the hybrid model, our all-foam DreamCloud mattress arrived roll-packed in plastic, compressed tightly inside a box. We dragged it inside, opened it up and started ripping off all the plastic packaging. Since it’s a foam bed, I noticed it was considerably lighter than the hybrid version, but I still asked a friend to help me unbox it, as it makes the process easier – and more fun.

Unboxing a bed-in-a-box is always pretty cool. It’s crazy to think these companies can fit an entire mattress inside a box that looks like it may contain a mini fridge. As our scissors ripped around the plastic, the bed started to inflate rapidly. We did notice that it didn’t inflate as fast as the hybrid model. All-foam beds typically need a bit more time to get to their proper form than hybrid ones, so we gave it a night to off-gas and fully expand.

In the morning, we came back, and it was mattress testing time. At first glance, the bed seemed noticeably thinner than the hybrid version. There’s a height difference of about 2 inches between the two. After pressing into the bed to test responsiveness, I immediately saw it’s much slower to respond — a telltale sign of memory foam.

This was further clarified when I hopped on the bed. It offered much more of a body-conforming, sink-in quality than the hybrid model, which has more of a general pillow-top feel. The hybrid DreamCloud is also around a medium firmness, whereas this rendition is much firmer than that. My main takeaway was that it’s a super firm bed that might not be right for everyone. Check out our video review below.

DreamCloud mattress firmness and feel

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

What does DreamCloud feel like?

The all-foam DreamCloud has a memory foam feel, especially when compared with the hybrid model. Since it uses a layer of gel memory foam for its main comfort layer near the top, you get a slower-to-respond bed that has some body-conforming, sink-in qualities. This memory foam feel isn’t as dense as a Nectar or Tempur-Pedic bed, nor is it as responsive as a Layla or Bear. It presents a straightforward memory foam feel that a lot of sleepers love.

That said, memory foam isn’t right for everyone. I am a combination sleeper who likes to shift positions at night, and I find memory foam to be a little restrictive. It takes time to respond, which can cause you to feel stuck when trying to move around. If you’re the type of sleeper who stays in one main sleeping position throughout the night, you’ll likely enjoy the feel that memory foam provides.

How firm is the DreamCloud mattress?

This bed is much firmer than the hybrid version and is between medium-firm and firm on our scale. For that reason, we recommend it for strict back or stomach sleepers who are looking for a firmer bed that offers plenty of support. We were surprised to see such a major difference in firmness between the two, as the hybrid version is closer to a medium.

Firmness is a subjective thing. You may feel a bed is an entirely different firmness than what we perceive. It usually comes down to how much you weigh: Heavier people usually find mattresses softer, while smaller folks think they’re a bit firmer. We rank firmness based on the size of an average person, around 180 pounds.

DreamCloud mattress construction

Construction is the main reason why this version of the DreamCloud is so different. Its all-foam design makes it feel less responsive and firms up the mattress quite a bit. It’s 12 inches thick and made up as follows:

  1. It starts off with a 9-inch layer of dense support foam. This serves as the foundational support layer for the bed.
  2. Above the support foam is a 1-inch layer of dynamic transition foam, which acts as a buffer between the support core of the bed so you don’t feel it as much.
  3. Then, there is around 2 inches of gel memory foam that acts as the bed’s main comfort layer.
  4. Rounding out the mattress is a breathable cashmere blend cover. It has some extra comfort elements quilted into it and helps make the bed look luxurious and feel quite nice.

This cover is removable but not machine washable. You’ll have to spot-clean it with some mild detergent if it gets dirty.

DreamCloud mattress performance

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Motion isolation

If you aren’t sleeping solo, other factors come into play. If you share a bed with a partner who’s a light sleeper, getting a mattress that deadens movement is essential. The foam version of the DreamCloud mattress has great motion isolation — even better than the hybrid version, in our opinion. The all-foam construction and gel memory foam comfort layer help stop motion where it occurs rather than transferring it through the entire bed and jostling your partner awake.

Edge-to-edge support

This comes into play if one of you takes up most of the bed — knowingly or unknowingly. This often forces the other person to sleep close to the edge, and you want to make sure that they’ll be supported. Modern-day mattresses usually have fewer edge-support issues compared with much older beds, but some bed perimeters can be flimsy. The foam DreamCloud performs fine here. We’d say it’s on par with other all-foam beds. You shouldn’t fall off anytime soon.


Since there aren’t any real cooling features in the foam DreamCloud, we see this bed sleeping temperature neutral. The cashmere blend cover is quite breathable, but I don’t foresee it cooling anyone down or warming them up excessively. Sleeping temperature rarely has to do with your mattress itself. Your room’s temperature ultimately makes more of a difference than anything else.


The average lifespan of a mattress is seven to 10 years. Based on our experience, all-foam beds usually degrade faster than hybrids. Coils are generally more supportive over time for bigger people compared with dense support foam, which can dent and bow after prolonged use. The DreamCloud is a well-constructed all-foam bed. Since it’s of higher quality than a regular foam bed, it will likely last you a long time.


Like many products that you order online, there’s a bit of a factory smell after unboxing. This is often the case with bed-in-a-box options. Don’t worry — there’s nothing wrong with your new mattress. The all-foam DreamCloud may smell weird initially, but the odor should disappear after a couple of days. Most beds need time to off-gas, which is a normal part of the process. 

Who is the DreamCloud mattress best for?

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Even though this is an accommodating all-foam bed, it might not be right for everyone. Since it’s on the firmer side and has a memory foam feel, it might be best for select sleepers. Here’s who we think will get the most out of the foam version of the DreamCloud mattress. 

Sleeping position

Given its firmer profile, we’d recommend this mattress mainly for back or stomach sleepers. Those sleeper types usually prefer more support rather than cushioning from their bed. If you’re a strict side or combination sleeper, you might want a bit more pressure relief from your all-foam mattress. In that case, you might want to check out the DreamCloud Premier Rest, as it’s the softest model from the brand.

Body type

Since this is the all-foam version of the DreamCloud mattress, it should be most suitable for average or smaller people. Individuals who weigh more than 250 pounds usually require more supportive hybrid options. If you fall into that weight category, we’d recommend checking out the hybrid version of this mattress. That said, all body types should get by on this bed just fine, and you do have some support options from which to choose.

DreamCloud mattress pricing 

Size Measurements (inches) Price
Twin 38×75 inches $839
Twin XL 38×80 inches $1,289
Full 54×75 inches $1,399
Queen 60×80 inches $1,532
King 76×80 inches $1,869
Cal king 72×84 inches $1,869

Usually, when you have a choice between an all-foam or hybrid construction, the coil option costs a bit more. Surprisingly, the foam version of the DreamCloud mattress is the more expensive option. Even though the all-foam model is around $100 more, we think it’s still a great value for a quality all-foam offering. Queen-size beds that cost under $1,000 are few and far between these days, so we think these new beds are priced pretty reasonably.

Trial, shipping and warranty

As a brand, DreamCloud backs its beds with some generous policies. Its beds ship for free, and once the mattress is in your possession, you get an entire year to try it at home, risk-free. If you happen to return your bed within that time frame, there’s no charge, but if you decide to keep it, you’re backed by a lifetime warranty. Just be sure to use the right foundation for the bed. Otherwise, you could void that mattress warranty.

The final verdict

We really enjoyed the new all-foam DreamCloud bed. It’s a quality mattress with a lot to offer, but best for those who want a memory foam mattress that’s on the much firmer end of the spectrum. If you’re an average or petite person who mainly sleeps on your back or stomach, this mattress will probably work out well for you. Otherwise, you may want to check out the other beds in DreamCloud’s mattress lineup.

You might like the DreamCloud mattress if:

  • You’re a back or stomach sleeper
  • You want a memory foam bed
  • You like a firmer feel
  • You weigh less than 200 pounds
  • You want a premium all-foam mattress for a great price

You might not like the DreamCloud bed if:

  • You’re strictly a side sleeper under 150 pounds
  • You prefer sleeping on hybrid mattresses
  • You prefer a softer, plush feel
  • You’re on a super tight budget

Other mattresses from DreamCloud

The DreamCloud is the brand’s flagship mattress, but there are some other upgraded models in its lineup that vary in terms of firmness and construction. Here’s what you should know about the other beds from DreamCloud.

DreamCloud Premier: This is the more enhanced DreamCloud bed, with a firmness that’s more appropriate for all sleeper types. On our firmness scale, it sits between a medium and medium-firm, so it should work for side and combination sleepers along with back and stomach sleepers. It’s also a bit thicker, offering a bit more comfort, and it also features a memory foam feel. With the DreamCloud Premier, you also get to choose whether you want an all-foam or hybrid design.

DreamCloud Premier Rest: If you’re a strict side sleeper and you want the softest option from the brand, this is the DreamCloud mattress for you. It’s between a medium and a medium-soft on our scale, so it should offer plenty of pressure relief for your hips and shoulders when you’re side-sleeping. Since there’s around 3 inches of memory foam on top, the Premier Rest might have the most memory foam feel. It is, however, their most premium mattress, so it’s also the most expensive.

How does the DreamCloud compare to other mattresses? 

DreamCloud vs. Nectar

These all-foam beds are pretty similar at first glance. Both have memory foam feels, but we’d say Nectar presents more of a dense memory foam feel. DreamCloud is also firmer than Nectar, but only by a small margin. Both should be ideal for back and stomach sleepers. When it comes to price, you’re getting a great value either way.

DreamCloud vs. Saatva Classic

Both of these are presented as premium options. However, one could be considered more luxurious than the other. The choice comes down to the type of mattress you want.

The Saatva Classic is a supportive hybrid mattress by default. It features a dual coil construction designed to support a lot of weight. Compared with DreamCloud, which has a memory foam feel, the Saatva Classic feels more like a traditional innerspring mattress with a pillow top. Price-wise, the DreamCloud is much more affordable, but with Saatva, you’re also spending more on things, including complimentary white-glove delivery.

Compared with other beds of its quality, the DreamCloud mattress is worth the price. Since you can currently pick up a queen size for well below the $1,000 mark, it’s easy to see why the bed is so popular online. And if you get it and decide that it’s not right for you, you’re bolstered by a generous return policy.

Standard all-foam beds can sag over time, generally after several years of nightly use. However, that shouldn’t be the case for the all-foam DreamCloud. It definitely feels like a more premium, well-built mattress. Its firmer profile keeps you right on top, and the tufted cashmere blend cover helps to prop up your body more than the average bed. 

The DreamCloud is not a flippable mattress. Only one side is designed to be slept on. DreamCloud does not offer any double-sided mattresses, but there are flippable online bed brands like Layla and Plank. However, a common practice is to rotate the mattress every few months so that it wears evenly.

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