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Best WhatsApp Trick in 2021 : Know Who Blocks You !

Do you think someone has blocked you on WhatsApp? Or if you are not able to send message to anyone then what is the reason? There can be several ways of detecting this. Instant messaging app WhatsApp has listed some ways on its FAQ page in which users can find out if they have been blocked. The messaging app does not alert the users when they have been blocked by another user for some privacy reasons, the user has to apply the tricks themselves to see if someone has blocked them on the app or not. In this Post we are Going to See Best WhatsApp Trick in 2021, So Let’s Start.

Best WhatsApp Trick in 2021 :

The first step to know whether someone has blocked you on WhatsApp is to check the last seen of the contact. If you can’t see a user’s last seen or online chat window, they may have blocked you. However, WhatsApp gives users the option to hide the last seen. So this can also be a reason why you are not able to see someone’s last scene. You won’t see any updates to that user’s profile picture. You will not see the display picture. 

The best way to know whether someone has blocked you or not is to send a message to that user after which a check mark will show on the message, if after many days the second check mark never comes then it means User has blocked you. Even when you try to call the user who blocked you on WhatsApp, So he won’t. Create a group on WhatsApp. Add the contact you think has blocked you to the group. During this, if you see a message like ‘couldn’t add this contact on group’, then understand that you have been blocked.

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How to block on WhatsApp :

If you want to block someone on the messaging app, go to Settings > Privacy > Blocked > Add New and then select the contact you want to block. Do keep in mind that, if you use the modified version of the app, then you can get blocked on the side of the app itself. Recently, GBWhatsApp, which is created from third-party developer, has been trending on the internet. The cloned version of the app comes with many additional features, but if you download it, you can permanently lose access to your original WhatsApp account.

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