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5G Network Disadvantages: Surprising Drawbacks

5 generation networks are the latest technology that promises better communication and connectivity facilities for all. The most developed countries are trying to get their hands on it to provide better organizational connectivity, and now it is even being supplied to the general population. Like all technology-related things, the 5-generation network has advantages and disadvantages. People who are yet to be introduced to the 5G network are conscious of the downsides.  

Disadvantages of 5G Network

The disadvantages should not act as a barrier when trying to adopt new technology. Still, it is essential to understand them to take maximum benefits and to do the necessary management. Here we have listed some of the disadvantages of 5G networks.

  • Network Obstacles

5G network have high speed but low frequency. This makes it difficult for the network to pass through the hurdles like trees and towers. To overcome this problem, network providers need to have buildings with towers fixed at a small distance to boost the signal and reduce downtime.

  • Initial Costs

Companies require robust infrastructure and a more significant number of boosting towers to maintain good 5G network connections. All this cost and further maintenance cost will be charged from the customers. Customers will have to pay higher charges for 5G network packages. High amounts of packages will be a barrier for people who wish to get a 5G network. There are chances that customers will need to change their sim card with a 5G sim card. Some people will be reluctant to do so.

  • Rural Areas

There are various rural areas, even in the developed countries, that do not have any type of connectivity at all. 5G connectivity charges will be high. Therefore, the major networks will focus on urban areas with people who can afford their packages. Rural areas will remain deprived of 5G networks. Lack of potential customers in rural areas are the source of demotivation for network providers to set up towers at a minimum distance for better connectivity.

  • Device Compatibility

The existing devices are not compatible with 5G networks, and therefore, users may have to purchase new smartphones to experience benefits. Many users report that the mobile batteries do not last as much as they did on 4G or 3G networks. Devices also get hot while operating on a 5G network. Excessive heat can decrease the life of devices. This may not be a big problem for individual users, but the investment will be required for a system upgrade on the organizational level.

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