How to Convert PDF to Word File | Convert PDF To Word Document | PDF to Word Without Software

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How to Convert PDF to Word File | Convert PDF To Word Document | PDF to Word Without Software


1. Introduction

If you want to convert your PDF to Word Document, this article will be helpful.

This is how to convert pdf file to word document without software.

2. Why do we need to Convert PDF to Word?

In the last few years, people have been using PDFs to publish and annotate documents. These documents are typically formatted using a specific document format and saved in a specific way. If you want to use these PDFs in Word, you will need to convert them into a format that can be understood by Word.

Many people make the mistake of trying to do this conversion on their own but it is often hard, error-prone and time-consuming. It’s also risky because when you make changes to the PDF, you might corrupt your copy or go against its formatting conventions.

So what can we do? We have developed software that does this for you. This software does not require any technical skills or knowledge except for basic installation and configuration of the software itself (we also provide free tutorials). All it requires is a device with a display capable of displaying PDF files: Phone (iOS/Android), Tablet (iOS/Android), Laptop (Windows/Mac) or Desktop PC (Mac/Linux). And while it’s certainly not foolproof, we feel confident in saying our product is more than “good enough”; it’s “best-in-class”!
What’s so special about this software? It works by parsing PDF documents into its constituent parts and then providing all the necessary pieces needed for conversion: variables, formulas, functions, etc., for simple editing tasks such as inserting text, adding images or formatting text in different ways than normal characters might be done. The results of all this work are automatically stored in your word file which is ready for further editing with any program that understands word processing files like MS Word or OpenOffice Writer .

Download our free tutorial if you don’t already have one! Our tutorial will walk you through installing our software on your computer and introduce you to how great life is!

3. Things you should know about Convert Pdf to Word

PDF to Word is a common problem among developers and designers. It’s a very useful feature, but one that is often overlooked.

Converting PDF files to text can be as simple as opening up the file and typing some text into a word processor, or it can be more involved. You can’t use the default options of your word processor (which means that if you have an existing document you don’t need to create a new one), so you have to do some research ahead of time to find out how best to convert PDF to Word.
You will need a reasonably powerful computer and either free or inexpensive software for converting your PDFs. Some software works with both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat “reader” format (but not all). The most popular applications for converting PDF are:
• Adobe Acrobat Reader – It is also free. It has the advantage of being able to read OpenDocument Format documents like those found on Apple iBooks for iPad and Kindle for Android tablets, but the disadvantage of being limited in its formatting capabilities. For example, it doesn’t support autocorrecting spelling corrections with spellchecker when reading from an ODF file — so if you’re planning on using spellcheck, this program isn’t the best choice (although it’s also not necessary because spellchecking automatically corrects spelling errors).
• Google Docs – A free alternative, though not quite as powerful as Acrobat Reader (which is why we recommended Google Docs instead). If you want more features than Google Docs offers, there are other programs available:

• Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack – This program works with Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2013 and 2010/2013 compatibles (including Word 97/2000) which means that they will handle ODF files created in those platforms.

If these programs aren’t available on your system or don’t work properly in certain circumstances, feel free to try other programs:

• iWork ’09 – This program is free (and works well) for office documents created in Apple ’09 compatible versions of iWork and iWork ’08 documents created in earlier versions of Ideals Workspace.
• OpenOffice ’09 – This program has been discontinued by its developer but still works as intended under OpenOffice 3.3+.
4. How to Convert from PDF to Word quickly and easily?
The art of conversion is generally not taught in school. Most people don’t understand the science behind how different files work, so they don’t know how to fix a problem. It turns out that PDF files are very different from Word documents and vice versa. So, for example, you can convert Word documents to PDF files with a free tool called Convert-To-PDF but the process of doing so might take a few hours. If you want to do it quickly and easily, you should use an website to convert your file from Wod into PDF.

This post is not about converting Word documents into PDFs — it’s about converting from other formats such as HTML and RTF. If you have any problems with conversion, please let us know in the comments below!

5. Converting documents on a Mac

PDF is a popular format for documents, and one of the most commonly used file types I come across. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t many people out there who have no idea how to convert a PDF to a word document.
The first step is to go to Apple’s App Store and download Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 9 or later). Open it up, and click on “File > Open…” in the menu bar at the top right. This will open up your PDF document and let you edit it as you wish.
You can click on “Open Adobe Acrobat PDF Document” in the menu bar at the top left of your screen or press Command-option-A (⌘-A) to open it. The following options are available:
• Save As: Save your PDF document as an image file (.jpg or .png)
• Save As PDF: Save your PDF document as a standard word file (.doc, .docx, .rtf, etc.)
• Open With: Choose which application you want to open your PDF with (eg: Mail)
• Copy As… : Copy selected text from your document into a new text file (.txt)
[See this post for more info about saving an image in Acrobat/Reader.]
After you have finished editing the document, hit File > Save Document… and choose “Word Document (*.docx)” from the pop-up menu by default. If you want to save it as a plain text file (.txt), just toggle it from “PDF Document (*.pdf)” to “Word Document (*.docx)” after you have edited it; then hit File > Save Document… again and choose that format instead of “PDF Document (*.pdf)”]. Now go back to Apple’s store and try again! It’ll be easier next time!

6. Conclusion

PDF to Word. In this tutorial I will show you how to convert PDF document to word document. The PDF looks like it’s a word document but it’s not, it’s a file format called PDF. But there is no problem converting it into a word document, all you need is the PDF reader and Microsoft Word.


This tutorial was originally published at on 8th October 2016, with the title: How to Convert PDF to Word Document | Convert Pdf To Word Document | PDF to Word Without Software

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